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For a safer environment, instead of walk-in inquiry, we encourage you to call us first at 02-6280546 from 8AM-6PM

Photo Studio For Freelancers & Hobbyists

We provide the place and equipment, so you can focus on creating great images for you or your client

Is not having a studio stopping you from growing your photography business or in your hobby?

Getting hassled converting your flat to a make-shift studio every time you have a photo shoot?

Looking for more professional looking venue for your clients?

Why rent and pay more for a huge, well decorated, lavishly furnished studio when you just need a place to get the job done?

Why set up a photography studio when you can shoot in ours?

Studio Post Shoot.png

No overhead monthly or yearly rent to think of

Look more professional to your client

Get the job done without paying too much

Perfect for solo and family portraits, headshots, corporate portrait, product and food photography

Convenient - just bring your camera and we take care of the rest


Use up to eight lights

Your creative juice is on the upsurge? Go ahead, use one, two, three, four, or more studio lights all at the same time, as long as you can manage it

Make beautiful lighting

You want a dramatic look? Soft, flattering light? Even the cheapest lights can produce amazing results with the appropriate light attachments. These are the light modifiers you can use to make your lighting more amazing.

Rental also includes the use of the following

Priced not to eat into your profit or burn your wallet

KLS Shooting Area 10-11-2020.png

Studio Time

150AED per hour

Minimum one hour. We currently accept cash payment only.


10AED per foot-deep

If you will not step on our background or if you will not use it for full body shots, you can use it for free

Book with us and accept that photo shoot now!




Click here to fill up the form. Or call us at +97126280546 for faster booking response from us.




If the day and time you want is available, we confirm your schedule by phone call, email or SMS.




Just come with your subject and camera on the day and time you are scheduled

Studio Rental Booking Form

Covid-19 Safety Rules

To secure your safety as well as our staff's, you are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Face masks must be worn at all times.

  • We limit the number of people to FOUR (4) only at a time, plus one (1) studio staff to assist.

  • Maintain your distance at least 1.5 metres from one another.

  • We regularly sanitize our facilities, and after every shoot.

  • Disinfectants and disposable face masks are available in studio.

Studio Terms & Conditions

Kindly read first before making a booking

  • Studio usage time starts the moment you or one of the members of your group steps in our studio.

  • If you come in late and there is another booking after yours, we will not allow you to extend your booked time, to avoid delaying or interrupting the next booking.

  • Any other purpose of renting our studio aside from photography or videotaping will not be allowed.

  • You can have some music during the photo session, but kindly refrain from playing too loud, as a courtesy to the other offices and occupants in the building.

  • Bringing in liquor and other illegal substances is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

  • Our studio is open for rental from 8AM until 9PM, seven days a week, subject to availability.

  • We have the right to cancel your booking or stop your photo shoot if any of the rules, especially on Covid-19 safety protocol, is not followed.


By completing this form and sending it to us, or booking us via phone, it is assumed that you have read our rental terms and conditions stated above, especially the Covid-19 Safety Rules.

Studio Shoot Booking Form


The date and time input you have made is not yet final. We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your choice. If we are not available, we will propose an alternative date and time.


Unit 01 0-floor Building 16 Biladi Street

Mitsubishi Showroom-Al Falah corner Najda, Abu Dhabi, UAE

We are available to accept your booking and calls

Sunday to Thursday 0800AM - 0600PM



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